Tea Bag Packaging Machine     JS-6A
Automatic Quantitative Tea-bag Packaging Machine

Tea-Bag Standard Packing Size:

Applicable packing products

Tea, Coffee, Chinese herbs…etc.

Applicable packing materials

Filter paper, cotton string, adhesive tag.

  • Outstanding performance is achieved through the use of many fine, patented features :
    Thread insetting (No.26557)
    Tag design (No.31972)
    Bag forming device (No.34800)


  • No staples need be applied, meeting with sanitary requirements.

  • Auto Attach tag to string and string to tea-bag.

  • This machine is designed for three sides sealing operations.

  • The machine may be fitted with a product out-fitting conveyor for convenient product collection. (Conveyor supplied as optional).

  • The entire procedure from weighing, bag forming, filling and sealing to cutting and packaging is fully automatically operated.

  • Convenient adjustment of weighing plate.

Product Features

Standard Equipment

Tool box containing :
1 x Box wrench. 1 x Hexagonal Wrench. 1 x Screwdriver.

Optional Equipment

Automatic quantity warning device. Input conveyor, output conveyor.



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