Powder - Granule Packaging Machine     JS-32
Automatic Drip Coffee Overwrapping Packaging Machine

3 sides sealing

3 sides sealing

Product Features

Applicable packing products

Tea, coffee, herbs…etc.

Applicable packing materials

Inner Bag Material: drip coffee filter paper or other filter paper.
Outer Bag: OPP + PE, Aluminium Foil +PE or other heat sealable laminated materials.

Optional Equipment

Automatic date coder, product input equipment, Nitrogen flush connector…etc.
Other optional device upon request.

  • Touch panel for setting multiple functions with user friendly operation.

  • Specially designed PLC photocell control system for accurate sensing. 

  • This machine is designed for three sides sealing packing.

  • Internal filter tea bag+Extermal plastic bag.

  • Automatically performed : 
    Inner bag: from weighing->bag forming->filling->Sealing->cutting. 
    External wrapped : bag forming->put in tea(coffee) bag->Sealing->cutting.

  • Vibration loading system ensures smooth packaging process.

  • Sealing control with auto temperature detect function for stability performance.

  • All components in contact with product are made of stainless steel or food sanitary standards.

  • Fully automatic form inner bag to outer bag for efficient packaging work.

  • Auto warning display for quick trouble shooting.

  • Nitrogen air filling available upon request.

  • Pneumatic sealing construction with SMC air cylinder drive system.

  • Attach product output conveyor.

  • Convenient adjustment of measuring cups.
    Machine equips with counter device for convenient usage.



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