Packaging Processing Line     JS-10A
Automatic Packaging Line

Applicable packing products

Powders, granules… such as sugar, salt, tea, instant drinks…etc.

Applicable packing materials

Poly-Cello, PET+PE+AL+PE, OPP+PE…or other laminated film.

Optional Equipment

Quantity warning device, date coder…etc.

  • Separate input and output material loading area for convenient usage.

  • Mixer outer tank and inner mixing leaf operates in opposite direction for well mixing the product.

  • Safety protection device on mixer.

  • Digital display for mixing time.

  • Screw input conveyor with refill sensing device.

  • Multiple cleaning door for screw input conveyor.

  • Photocell tracing system ensure extremely accurate bag forming, sealing & cutting.

  • Machine can be made in 3 sides, 4 sides or pillow type packaging, specify desired sealing style.

  • Separate temperature controller for sealing temperature.

  • Product contact area is stainless steel or food sanitary standard.

  • Ease to collect product with output conveyor.

  • Packaging machine can apply with other input/output product conveyor.

  • Mixer & screw input conveyor can apply with other packaging machine.

  • The packaging line can be made according to customer’s request.

Product Features

Standard Equipment

Tool box x 1set, Spare parts x 1 sets.

JS-10A Automatic Powder/Granule Packaging Line
Cone Type Mixer
Input Screw Conveyor
Automatic Packaging Machine
Output conveyor


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