Professional Manufacture of Form-Fill-Seal Packaging Machinery

Our company, Chung Shan Machinery Works Co., LTD. is a manufacturer of packaging machines, established since 1977. We are experienced in machine manufacture and selling packaging machines worldwide to around 120 countries. In 2016, we moved to the new facility to provide more advanced & new-design packaging machines to customers.

We obtained CE & ISO9001 certification for the production quality management to have stability & durability machine operation performance. Mr. Hsieh, our General Manger has always focused on: manufacture technique, quality operation performance, reliable service, long time reputation, and employees; all these 5 points are the required factors to maintain the factory.

Mr. Hsieh has mentioned that, 40 years ago, it was the basic skill for technicians to do welding, operate lathe & milling machines, and even do electric wiring work Due to the upgraded processing machines and changing environment, lots of work have been replaced by automatic machines instead of traditional labor. However, the most valuable traditional experience is gained from doing the process, and this is unable to be 100% learned by operating the machine in a short time. Therefore, Mr. Hsieh has asked every technician to learn each processing task, in order to continue this precious experience.

Each set of machinery is customized according to request. Before manufacture, our sales team & design department will have detailed discussions with customers to understand the product characteristics, such as: fluidness, density, packaging and size, to receive as much information as possible. During the manufacture process, each department has very strict & detailed checking process for each step, in order to build high-performance packaging machines.

“Made in Taiwan” has never changed since the company’s establishment, and it will continue to be the most important principle of the company. While having everything made in our factory, we are able to identify the problem, upgrade the construction, and provide quick troubleshooting steps. This is very important because customers always know that Chung Shan Machinery not only manufactures the machines but also provides comprehensive after-sale service.

Thinking about customers and attending international packaging shows worldwide every year, the sales team is always at the forefront, understanding market trends and requirements in order to recommend the most suitable packaging machines to customers. Our machines are able to pack various dry and liquid products in different industries, such as the food industry, cosmetic industry, pharmaceutical industry, metal parts industry, and automotive industry.

From mechanical operated machines to servo type with touch panel system, Chung Shan Machinery is always leading the industry to have efficient & user-friendly machines to fulfill various requirements. In the future, there is no doubt they will continuously improve manufacturing skills, understand market requirements and insist on providing quality packaging machines for more and more customers.

Products /

  • Automatic Quantitative tea-bag filling & packaging machine

  • Automatic Quantitative powder/granule filling & packaging machine

  • Automatic Quantitative liquid filling & packaging machine

  • Automatic Quantitative Triangle-type filling & packaging machine

  • Automatic computerized weighing, filling & packaging machine

  • Automatic Packaging & Processing Line

  • Electronic weighing machine

  • Automatic Drip Coffee Filling & Packaging Machine

  • Customized Packaging Machine available upon request

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